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Soldering is a key process in today’s electronics assembly. Using the right material, with optimised process settings and parameters is key to the lowest cost of ownership process. Alpha offers world leading materials at consistent high quality with a state-of-the-art process knowledge and support.

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Although mostly considered as commodities solder bars are still playing a key role in succesful wave soldering operation.


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Usually process owners do not even think about how much hand soldering can contribute to the bottom line profit.


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The solder pastes offered are very well forging the benefits of ease-of-use, cost efficiency and reliability.


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To use a highly reliable flux system usually means that for extreme boards the recommended process settings have to be respected.


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Careful selection of raw material supplier, well set cutting process, and controlled environment are all important to get a good quality stencil.


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Users can choose from several alloy types, solid or fluxed inside or outside, different packaging types are available and so on.


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Wave and selective process yields are challenging to be maintained at high levels. If suspended oxide level increases in the bath the fluidity will suffer and besides wetting problems webbing and shorts may arise. Alpha has antioxidant additives that reduce oxides to pure metal.


[sf_iconbox1 link=’https://deerybrook.com/product/repair-flux/’ image=’https://deerybrook.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/repair-flux.png’ type=’animated’ title=’Repair Flux’ animation=’none’]Alpha has taken that challenge and developed fluxes that are excellent match for the needs of repair soldering.[/sf_iconbox1]


The Italian company has developed its own version of spot-on solder mask and is supplying it at a consistent quality.

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Sometimes the most convenient way is to use a temporary solder masking material that can be applied on the protectable surfaces. The benefit of a neutral odour latex solder mask is that it is easy to apply and not irritating to users. Barbieri materials are available in a manual dispenser for easy application.



One of the biggest supplier of electronics silicones is originating from the merger of Toshiba, GE and Bayer Silicones and is inheriting the highly developed products from these brands.

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These products provide the expected stability in adhesion and gasketing for housing of assemblies or for circuit parts that need fixing.


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If the visual disguise of the circuitry is not needed and the full mechanical protection is not a goal of the protective material, only a thin layer of silicone material is applied that conforms to the surface of the circuit assembly. That type of coating is also available from the portfolio of Momentive.


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Silicones are used in diverse applications such as touchscreen display bonding or textile impregnation. Such materials are also available from Momentive. In case of need, ask our colleagues.


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Electronics assemblies can be protected from the environmental impacts and from the intrusion of illegal sources by potting. Potting means that the assembly is put into the housing and fully encapsulated in the silicone material. Versions with different hardness, tack and transparency/colour are available. Silicones as potting materials have the benefits of low shrinkage, softness and UV-resistance.


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Today’s increasingly complex and integrated assemblies are becoming very crowded, compact systems with sometimes significant heat generation. To avoid damage by heat, the environmental protection of potting, or the mechanical function of adhesives must be complemented by thermal conductivity.



Besides today’s high volume PWB suppliers from the Far-East, in many occasions small series in a quick turnover are key for product development. Small-to-mid-series of boards can be supplied by Tecnometal at a competitive price level from the EU. Tecnometal has high technology capabilities and is the developer of Semi-Flex circuit boards. Tecnometal is also supporting Your design needs.

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If your customer only defining a desired functionality but you have a limited resource for circuit design Tecnometal will take on the challenge from you.


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EU resource and good optimisation potential of a well organised, high-tech production structure makes Tecnometal the first choice in rapid prototype and small-to-mid series production with short leadtimes.