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Alpha is a provider of high performing materials for SMT Assembly Solutions, Wave Solder Assembly Solutions, PV Assembly Solutions, Die Attach Assembly Solutions and Industrial Assembly Solutions. Its breadth of products includes Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire, Electronic Cleaners, Surface Mount Adhesives, Stencils and Sinter Technologies.

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BARBIERI specializes in the supply of solutions for wave soldering and washing, including equipment for process control (thermal profile detectors and contaminometers). BARBIERI has become the leading company in the Italian market for the distribution of consumer products. for the electronics industry.

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Momentive’s global silicones business brings innovation to a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, personal care, consumer products, aerospace and building and construction, to name a few. Momentive offers basic siloxane polymers and an extensive portfolio of additives, including silanes, specialty fluids, and urethane additives. They also have an extensive offering of formulated products, including elastomers and coatings.

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For over thirty years, Tecnometal has been operating as an Italian manufacturer in the electronic supply chain, manufacturing printed circuits (PCB) and assembled prototyping services (PCBA) for the electronics industry. The company offer is completed with mass-production optimized and realized thanks to long-standing partnerships with selected and qualified international producers.

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