Wiper Paper Rolls (Stencil Cleaning)

Swiftmode Cleaning Rolls were developed not only for the best cleaning properties but as a product with a very low environmental impact and 100% recyclable from the cartons, cores, PE bag and the fabric itself. Besides they have a incredible vacuum airflow independently tested at 1110 litres per second per sq mtr at 100Pa pressure.

Cores are mostly made of carton. In request PE cores are also available. The fabric of the wipes is made without addition of adhesive binder, the binding is made by thermocompression.

Stencil cleaning efficiency is strongly dependent on the structure of the wipe fabric. Stencil printing quality is affected by poor cleaning and defects appear in assembly. Also a higher efficiency wipe will reduce wipe frequency and average cycle time, thus increases throughput of the stencil printer.

From the below list you can select the machine type and wipe roll size that suits your demand.

Manufacturing Part NumberModel / Roll sizes (mm x mm x mtrs )Core I.D.Core Type
P350-350 x 30350 x 350 x 3038mmsCDB
P360-360 x 36360 x 360 x 3638mmsCDB
P410-410 x 36410 x 410 x 3638mmsCDB
P530-530 x 30530 x 530 x 3038mmsCDB
P276-270 x 15276 x 270 x 1520mmsCDBN
P376-370 x 15376 x 370 x 1520mmsCDBN
P356-350 x 15356 x 350 x 1520mmsCDBN
P546-540 x 15546 x 540 x 1520mmsCDBN
D530-510 x 9530 x 510 x 919.5mmsCDBN
D530-510 x 11530 x 510 x 1119.5mmsCDBN
D530-510 x 12530 x 510 x 1219.5mmsCDBN
D530-300 x 11530 x 300 x 1119.5mmsCDBN
D530-300 x 12530 x 300 x 1219.5mmsCDBN
D530-400 x 11530 x 400 x 1119.5mmsCDBN
D530-400 x 12530 x 400 x 1219.5mmsCDBN
D620 x 610 x 12620 x 610 x 1219mmCDB
SJ Innotech
IN645-623-12645 x 623 x 1220mmsCDBN
IN480-440 x 12480 x 440 x 1220mmsCDBN
SP620-610 x 12620 x 610 x 1219.5mmsCDBN
SP450-440-12450 x 440 x 1219.5mmsCDBN
M457-440 x 12457 x 440 x 1220mmsCDB
M457-440 x 15457 x 440 x 1420mmsCDB
M457-440 x 45457 x 440 x 1520mmsCDB
M457-440 x 15457 x 440 x 4519mmsCDB
E300-300 x 10300 x 300 x 1013mmsCDB
E350-350 x 10350 x 350 x 1013mmsCDB
E400-400 x 10400 x 400 x 1013mmsCDB
E450-450 x 10450 x 450 x 1013mmsCDB
E500-500 x 10500 x 500 x 1013mmsCDB
E450-450 x 17450 x 450 x 1713mmsCDB
E530-530 x 17530 x 530 x 1713mmsCDB
E630-530 x 17630 x 630 x 1713mmsCDB
Y360-360 x 25360 x 360 x 2525.4mmsCDB
Y420-420 x 20420 x 420 x 2025.4mmsCDB
Y440-440 x 25440 x 440 x 2525.4mmsCDB
Y530-530 x 20530 x 530 x 2025.4mmsCDB
Y620-620 x 25620 x 620 x 2525.4mmsCDB
S510-440-10510 x 440 x 1019.5mmsCDB
S510-460-10510 x 460 x 1019.5mmsCDB
S460-440-10460 x 440 x 1019.5mmsCDB
F370-270-12370 x 270 x 1225.4mmsCDBN
F500-500-9500 x 500 x 925.4mmsCDBN