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Soldering is a key process in today’s electronics assembly. Using the right material, with optimised process settings and parameters is key to the lowest cost of ownership process. Alpha offers world leading materials at consistent high quality with a state-of-the-art process knowledge and support.

Solder Bars

Although mostly considered as commodities solder bars are still playing a key role in succesful wave soldering operation. The metallurgical composition is only the tip of the iceberg. Non-metallic impurities, deficiencies in the manufacturing processes can lead to imperfect flow and wetting and excessive oxidisation and drossing. Alpha offers a wide selection of alloys of the highest standards. Contact our team for ideas how to improve Your alloy performance and what tricks can be used to make wave soldering more cost efficient.

Solder Wires

The expectations to a state-of-the-art solder wire are diverse. However usually good wetting properties, low spattering and high reliability of soldered joints are usual aspects. Alpha is also delivering solder wires that are safe to use. Rosin free and halogen free versions are available. Usually process owners do not even think about how much hand soldering can contribute to the bottom line profit. The labor intensive processes have high cost so the expectation is high quality and optimum speed. Deery Brook SRL can help by analysing the value in the process and eliminate waste of resources. Give Your contact a call to see how it is possible by means of Six Sigma and value mapping methods.

Solder Pastes

The solder pastes offered are very well forging the benefits of ease-of-use, cost efficiency and reliability. The total cost of ownership is lowered by Alpha pastes by fast printing and/or extended underwipe cleaning cycles, wide alloy selection (leaded and leadfree, low silver and low temperature alloys), long stencil life, excellent release from stencils and high first pass yield. Healt and safety and environmental objectives are also met by halide free and zero halogen offering. When using an Alpha paste always consider asking for optimum process settings and stencil design and technology support from Your contact at Deery Brook SRL. Also suitable printing squeegees and underwipe solutions can be offered by Deery Brook SRL.


Wave and selective soldering are probably the least exact sciences in electronics manufacturing. There are many factors affecting the result and surely one of the most important ones is the performance of the used liquid flux. The approach of Alpha is always placing reliability in focus. Low VOC, rosin free, zero halogen products are available to suit the requirements of different users. To use a highly reliable flux system usually means that for extreme boards the recommended process settings have to be respected. Technical support from Deery Brook SRL can help in finding a good optimum not only for the desired soldering result but also to minimise the cost of ownership. Value analysis helps You to understand the unnecessary expenses and optimise process costs by reducing waste, rework and energy consumption and increasing first pass yield and even throughput.


Strange enough people focus on 5-10 EUR price differences when they buy stencils. Alpha believes that a good stencil is not only a sheet of metal with holes. Careful selection of raw material supplier, well set cutting process, and controlled environment are all important to get a good quality stencil. However even more important is the design. Alpha has tremendous amount of experience that they can utilise to achieve good paste release, high yields and low total cost. Also the design experience is available for pin-in-paste technology boards and reduction of soldering defects like shorts, insufficient solder amount and voids. Did You know that with a combination of stencils and preforms most of the very challenging SMT issues can be solved? The team of Deery Brook SRL can advise on the design of stencils and the eventual application of Alpha preforms. A good stencil can save thousands of EUROs through its lifetime in yield, cycle time and total cost of ownership.


Alpha is a global leader of the technology of preforms. Size and shape fabricated (pre-formed) pieces of solder alloys are available for diverse applications. Users can choose from several alloy types, solid or fluxed inside or outside, the outside flux layer can be coloured for easy identification, different packaging types are available and so on. If You have an SMT application where at some defined location(s) the solder alloy volume is not sufficient or you experience voids under bottom terminated components or expected cycle times need automation of your assembly processes and reduction of manual labour, please contact Deery Brook SRL. We are happy to think together and usually that leads to improved processes. Sometimes even stencil design changes may solve the problems.


When a solder pot is running for extended periods without significant volume of soldering the replenishment of the alloy may become insufficient to keep the alloy impurity levels low and the flow properties at optimum level. Alpha has solutions for such cases which can improve solder performance. Wave and selective process yields are challenging to be maintained at high levels. In the event of doubts or obvious issues with your wave or selective processes contact Deery Brook SRL for advice on what options You may have to improve performance.

Repair Flux

One of the biggest challenges in cost saving is to minimise the number of rejects. Of course the first attempt to that is to improve the first-pass-yield of soldering processes. However the world is not perfect so there are always some issues that may lead to rejects. In some industries repairing of defective boards is allowed. For especially high connectivity components like QFP-s and BGA-s are difficult to replace. Also the requirement towards fluxes for that purpose is to be reliable after the soldering operation. Alpha has taken that challenge and developed fluxes that are excellent match for the needs of repair soldering. If You have boards to be repaired or components to be replaced contact the team of Deery Brook SRL and they will provide the suitable materials and besides may advice how to avoid the rejects in Your original manufacturing processes.