Customized enclosures for electronics – an elegantly cost-efficient solution

When designing electronics for indoor applications, including applications where the circuitry can be
placed outdoor in a closed cabinet, the innovators usually think mostly about the functionality and
not the appearance first. To achieve the functioning of the devices necessary electrical, mechanical
and optical input-output ports are envisioned. For a project of specialised electronic solution a
couple of hundred or couple of thousand pieces are to be manufactured. For such low-to-mid volume
productions a custom design enclosure is way to expensive solution. But there are standard solutions
out on the market. Customers can access a wide selection of standardised enclosures for stand-alone
or DIN rail mounted manifestations from Italtronic. Respecting the geometries of those standardised
units taken into account the position and orientation of eventual I/O ports, optical signalling, screens
and power terminals one can quickly design the circuitry and make a project ready-to-market in a
couple of weeks or months.

The suitable enclosures from Italtronic can be configured for the needs of the user. The geometry
and materials can be selected, milling of specially positioned openings is possible to accomodate
special demands and transparent parts are available and with the customisation of the enclosures
the variations are infinite. Colour printing of the surfaces by digital printer, laser scribing, tampon
printing are all available and even semi-transparent areas can be created for translucent areas for
LED signalling. With all the full colour options, serial number and QR code marking possibilities the
product will have a unique appearance on the market. Customer logo, input-output marking etc. are
all possible. The versatility of the enclosures from Italtronic is limited by only the limits of creativity
of the product designers.

Applications may enroll almost anything from ATM machine electronics through CNC and other
industrial drives and coffee machines or 3D printers or smart home KNX devices or smart meters to
even agricultural or outdoor monitoring systems with necessary IP-grade protective cabinets.
Should you start the design work based purely on a functional description for any of your customers
keep in mind to check your options using Italtronic enclosure systems. Deery Brook is ready to help
you in making a well based and cost effective choice. We can even help you get your printed circuit
boards for the project quickly at a high level from Tecnometal.