Urethane Resin

Some potting and encapsulation processes may utilise urethane resin materials. Different process parameter and technical characteristics urethane resins are available from the portfolio of AB Chimie. Based on application, curing, temperature resistance, hardness etc. users can select the optimum solution for their requirements. Some materials are available in different volume packaging as well. Please contact Deery Brook in case of interest for urethane resins.

Manufacturer Part NumberPackaging
ST21+CA51 K05K
ST21/CA51 K27.25K
U4291 K05KKit 5KG
U4291 K40KKit 40KG
U23410Kit 04 Kg
U6000FREEK6.05KKit 5,06kg
U6942A+B K01K
U6942A+B K05KKit 5KG
U6942A+B K25KKit 25KG
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