Repair Flux

One of the biggest challenges in cost saving is to minimise the number of rejects. Of course the first attempt to that is to improve the first-pass-yield of soldering processes. However the world is not perfect so there are always some issues that may lead to rejects. In some industries repairing of defective boards is allowed. For especially high connectivity components like QFP-s and BGA-s are difficult to replace. Also the requirement towards fluxes for that purpose is to be reliable after the soldering operation. Alpha has taken that challenge and developed fluxes that are excellent match for the needs of repair soldering. If You have boards to be repaired or components to be replaced contact the team of Deery Brook SRL and they will provide the suitable materials and besides may advice how to avoid the rejects in Your original manufacturing processes.

We’re constantly restocking the following products. On request, we can provide for you other types of Alpha Flux Gel that are not listed below. Please contact us for further assistance.

ProductManufacturer Part Number
Alpha Flux Gel OM338 10g syringe, 10CC143999
Alpha Flux Gel RMA 7.10g syr.51266
Alpha Repair Flux