Wave and selective soldering are probably the least exact sciences in electronics manufacturing. There are many factors affecting the result and surely one of the most important ones is the performance of the used liquid flux. The approach of Alpha is always placing reliability in focus. Low VOC, rosin free, zero halogen products are available to suit the requirements of different users. To use a highly reliable flux system usually means that for extreme boards the recommended process settings have to be respected. Technical support from Deery Brook SRL can help in finding a good optimum not only for the desired soldering result but also to minimise the cost of ownership. Value analysis helps You to understand the unnecessary expenses and optimise process costs by reducing waste, rework and energy consumption and increasing first pass yield and even throughput.

We’re constantly restocking the following products. On request, we can provide for you other types of Alpha Fluxes that are not listed below. Please contact us for further assistance.

ProductManufacturer Part Number
Alpha 320A Flux 25LT419329.0025
Alpha 425 THINNER 25 L116308.0025
Alpha 615-25 RMA Flux 10 L115956.001
Alpha Autoclean 40 25 L151078.0025
Alpha EF 2202 No Clean Flux 25 L142810.0025
Alpha EF 8000-TF No Clean Flux 25 L261254.0025
Alpha EF-12000 Wave Flux 25 L151894.0025
Alpha EF-2100-TF No Clean Flux 25 LT261949.0025
Alpha EF-6000-TF No Clean Flux 25 L261924.0025
Alpha EF-6100 Wave Solder Flux 25 L148691.0025
Alpha EF-6103 Wave Solder Flux 25 L152730.0025
Alpha EF-6850HF Wave Solder Flux 25 L154917.0025
Alpha EF-6850HF Wave Solder Flux 5 L154917.0005
Alpha EF2210 Flux 25 L150996.0025
Alpha NR-330 FLUX 20 L129736.002
Alpha NR215 No Clean Flux 25 L121829.0025
Alpha RF 800 Flux 25 L115285.0025
Alpha RF32E FLUX 25LT116973.0025
Alpha SLS65 FLUX 25 L115327.0025
Alpha SM2010 (GF) 25 L418941.0025
Alpha T208C Flux 25 L419245.0025
Alpha WB-700-TF Flux 25L261281.0025
Screen Wash Plus 450 ml (Box’D4)419580.0001