Solder Pastes

The solder pastes offered are very well forging the benefits of ease-of-use, cost efficiency and reliability. The total cost of ownership is lowered by Alpha pastes by fast printing and/or extended underwipe cleaning cycles, wide alloy selection (leaded and leadfree, low silver and low temperature alloys), long stencil life, excellent release from stencils and high first pass yield. Health and safety and environmental objectives are also met by halide free and zero halogen offering. When using an Alpha paste always consider asking for optimum process settings and stencil design and technology support from your contact at Deery Brook SRL. Also suitable printing squeegees and underwipe solutions can be offered by Deery Brook SRL.

We’re constantly restocking the following products. On request, we can provide for you other types of Alpha Solder Paste that are not listed below. Please contact us for further assistance.

Manufacturer Part NumberProduct
142560CNP OM6106 063 89.5-3-M14 C06 63SN/37PB 0.70KG
143500CNP OM6106 256 89.5-3-M14 JAR 62SN/36PB/2AG 0.50KG
143648CNP WS609 256 90-3-M13 JAR 62SN/36PB/2AG 0.50KG
144971CNP OM338T 771 88.5-3-M13 C12 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 1.20KG
144972CNP OM338T 771 88.5-3-M13 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
148802CNP OM325 771 89-4-M19 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
149273CNP OM338PT 771 88.5-3-M15 C06 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.60KG
149475CNP OM338PT 771 88.5-3-M15 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
153808CNP OM338PT 771 88.5-4-M16 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
155402CNP OM338PT 246 88.5-3-M15 C12 SACX0307 1.20KG
155717CNP CVP390 771 88.8-4-M17 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
156608CNP CVP390 246 88.8-4-M17 C12 SACX0307 1.20KG
156613CNP CVP390 228 88.8-4-M17 JAR SACX Plus 0807 0.50KG
157943CNP CVP390 969 89-4-M20 JAR Innolot 0.50KG
159478CNP LM-P39 228 89-4-M20 JAR SACX Plus 0807 0.50KG
159482CNP LM-P39 969 89-4-M20 JAR Maxrel 0.50KG
159734CNP CVP390 771 88.6-5-M21 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
161874CNP OM353 771 88.2-5-M20 JAR 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.50KG
243872CNP OM550 HRL1 88-4-M19 JAR HRL1 0.50KG
244603CNP OM358 771 88.2-4-M13 C06 96.5SN/3.0AG/0.5CU 0.60KG
247774CNP OM358 969 88.2-4-M13 JAR Innolot 0.50KG
50905CNP OM5002 256 90-3-M13 JAR 62SN/36PB/2AG 0.50KG
Alpha Solder Paste