Strange enough people focus on 5-10 EUR price differences when they buy stencils. Alpha believes that a good stencil is not only a sheet of metal with holes. Careful selection of raw material supplier, well set cutting process, and controlled environment are all important to get a good quality stencil. However even more important is the design. Alpha has tremendous amount of experience that they can utilise to achieve good paste release, high yields and low total cost. Also the design experience is available for pin-in-paste technology boards and reduction of soldering defects like shorts, insufficient solder amount and voids. Did You know that with a combination of stencils and preforms most of the very challenging SMT issues can be solved? The team of Deery Brook SRL can advise on the design of stencils and the eventual application of Alpha preforms. A good stencil can save thousands of EUROs through its lifetime in yield, cycle time and total cost of ownership.

We’re constantly restocking the following products. On request, we can provide for you other types of Alpha Stencils that are not listed below. Please contact us for further assistance.

ProductManufacturer Part Number
23*23 TensoRED master frame175721
23*29 TensoRED master frame175723
ALPHA CUT Stencil TetraBond 23” x 23”155240
Alpha 23*23 TensoRED master frame side bars 29*29175722