Services Aids

By services aids we mean cleaning materials that help service personnel to make operations of service activities easier. Cleaning of tools, equipment or parts may be necessary in maintenance and speed of cleaning action can be key in the successful and cost efficient work.

Manufacturer Part NumberPackaging
AbsouffleAérosol 400ml net
DET400BAérosol 400ml net
ABfroidAérosol 400ml net
LDM250MLBiberon 250ml
PEELABLE UVSerigue 30cc
RNG01L1 Litres
NTT400Aérosol 400ml net
NPP30L30 Litres
NCC400Aérosol 400ml net
ABmousseAérosol 400ml net
LSP400Aérosol 400ml net
DSU400Aérosol 400ml net
DVP01LBidon 1 litre
ISO200Aérosol 200ml net
AVR80 BA P10MLPen 10ml
AVR80 BA F10MLbottle 10ml
SND P10MLPen 10ml